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My name is Aliya. I am from Kazakhstan and relocated in Edmonton, Canada in 2002 to join my husband.

I am Reiki Master and Acupuncture student, wife and mother, daughter of western medicine doctor and granddaughter of  shaman healers . 


Background: Usui Reiki Master(certified in 2015-2017), Access Bars facilitator (certified in 2016), Magisterial Degree in Spiritual Healing (Earned in Russia- 2008-2017); Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting (Kazakhstan 1995-2000) , College Diploma in Accounting at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Edmonton, Canada 2002-2004). Currently studying ancient healing art of Acupuncture at Reeves college , Edmonton AB, Canada.

When working with her clients, Aliya uses a combined approach of various healing methods, which enables her to diagnose more accurately and help more efficiently. During seven years, she has learned many techniques, which have proved themselves very effective. She is not afraid of commitment and is willing to support her clients long after the session is over if they need to deal with a post-healing crisis or other issues.

Aliya is dedicated to helping others find their inner balance in a holistic approach of mind-soul-body harmony. That is why she is enrolled in acupuncture study on a full-time basis right now.

A “typical Indigo child,” Aliya is very sensitive and emphatic, but can also be fierce and very passionate when pursuing her goals. She hopes to be perceived by others as a normal human, evolving into Crystal consciousness and Light Worker.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities: Providing support as a translator from English into Russian for new immigrants in Canada; Conducting healing sessions of Reiki , Angel-therapy, Access bars; Publishing her books about healing arts and life stories of female healers; Writing articles in Russian language about various issues on psychology, healing arts, and motherhood, and publishing them in her blog.

What do you attribute your success to?:

She attributes her success to being very passionate about healing people.

How did you get involved in your profession?:

She became involved in her profession because of her experience. She has always been interested in healing practices. Growing up in the family of doctors, she was fascinated by her brother’s and sisters’ careers’ as M.D.’s. Her role-model , however, was her dad who had helped many clients by means of the alternative health care, such as acupuncture and his intuitive healing abilities.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career?:

A highlight has been helping her child overcome a severe speech delay at the age of 3. By the age of 5, she was able to join others in bilingual school and had demonstrated exceptional artistic abilities. Her daughter is now very successful at her studies at school, as well as in her hobbies of ballet and martial arts. Aliya also feels very proud to have been helping her elderly parents find relief from various respiratory diseases. Her parents are doctors and use traditional medicine; however, they have come to admit a great healing power of alternative healing arts. She truly values their testimonials.

Where will you be in five years?:

In five years, Ms.Tnaliyeva would like to obtain a license in acupuncture and open a wellness center.

Aliya is very passionate about being creative, whether through writing, drawing, practicing healing arts, or doing crafts with her daughter. Her mission is to serve those who are passionate about personal growth. She can be found online through her blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here is what clients say about their experiences: “Aliya really helped me through a challenging time in my life, I had several healing sessions with her and they were blissful as well as powerful.” “Aliya is a true healer. Within moments of meeting her, I felt totally safe and able to be open and honest. This may be difficult to describe, I actually was able to feel how blockages in my body being removed. Over the years she was treating me for different reasons and every time I felt benefit of her treatment almost instantaneously. I had a wonderful experience with her and plan to return for more healing again.”

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Aliya Tnaliyeva
Acupuncture student, Reiki Master, Access Bars facilitator, Magister of COSMOENERGY & Inner child healing specialist