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Soul Retrieval session.

Soul retrieval session” – November 7, 2014.

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Today I would like to share my wonderful experience on conducting Soul retrieval sessions. It is such a blessing to be witnessing someone’s healing, enjoy their insights and the instant changes in their aura due to the Angels’ healing work. I hope this article will inspire and uplift those who are in search of inner harmony and self-acceptance.

During the “Soul Retrieval” session we revisit the client’s childhood, meet the inner child and review the karmic lesson, to be healed and learned. According to Sandra Ingerman, “The basic premise is whenever we experience trauma, a part of our vital essence separates from us in order to survive the experience by escaping the full impact of the pain.”

This quiet occurrence, known as soul loss, takes the form of a perpetual feeling and experience of incompleteness and disconnection.”

This session had led us to the emotional traumas during the 1-st year of life of my dear client, which must’ve been affecting his personal relationships, in particular, causing disagreements and permanent tension between him and his mother. After the session, their relationships have changed significantly and his wife had confirmed that they were “just swimming in love energy’ when visiting her mother-in-law a few days after the session.

Here is how we conduct this session:

Step 1. We burn a white candle, and i cleanse the energy of the room and help a client to relax with help of energy frequencies (employing healing art which is similar to Reiki , yet applied on a distance basis, with no hand laying). Then we discuss the issues that we need to work on. Nov 7th – THIS CLIENT HAS NO PARTICULAR ISSUES AND WOULD LIKE TO EXPLORE WHAT HIS SUB-CONSIOUS MIND IS READY TO SHOW US. He was opened and trusting, and the session went off to a great start.


Step 2. We take 3 deep breaths, close eyes and contact the sub-consciousness , via the psychological technique “Shadow dance” – that is a guided meditation which we do together, as i guide and help a client to interpret the images he’s shown. It is called so, because it helps recover lost aspects of our personalities that were left behind in a person’s so-called “shadow”, and thus, need to be retrieved, so he can fully benefit enjoying these abilities in the adult life.

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Step 3. We will walk through your childhood and ask that your Guardian Angels heal any emotional traumas that might had happened and caused blockages in the body or problems in life. Your Angels will dissolve the blockages that were created as a consciousness due to the traumas. After healing is complete, you will feel lighter in the body and energy centres called chakras, as well as peace and joy will surround your being. THE CLIENT IS BEING SHOWN AN EPISODE FROM CHILDHOOD, WHICH HAS BEEN HEALED BY HIS GUARDIAN ANGELS AND TRANSFORMED INTO A PEACEFUL HAPPY OUTCOME WITH HIM RECEIVING MOTHER’s FULL AND COMPLETE LOVE & ATTENTION. The Message was: “Please forgive me. I love you. You have always been loved and accepted unconditionally.” The revealed aspect of the shadow was: SELF-ACCEPTANCE.

Step 4. We will take a short break to have a drink of water and discuss our findings; this can be emotional time. CLIENT’S FEEDBACK WAS :” I AM FEELING PEACEFULL”.

Step 5. If you believe in reincarnation and past lives, we ask Angels of Karma to show us past life times situations which had led to the childhood trauma. found before. We examine different life times, learn about karmic lessons, after which this karma will be healed, balanced and ended – which means that from now on a person is free to act and think in a correct way in harmony with Universal laws and his Soul’s purpose. THE CLIENT WAS SHOWN A LIFE OF 1) HERMET LOST FAITH IN MARRIAGE , 2) MAN DURING MIDDLE AGES BEING ABANDANED BY A LOVED ONE IN A PRISON , 3) AN ELF AND A LIGHT-ENTITY FEELING DISSAPOINTED WHEN INCARNATING ON EARTH AS A HUMAN. The karmic lesson was: “ACCEPT HUMANKIND, AND ACCEPT YOUR LIGHT. YOU ARE LIGHT & LOVED”. The client seemed to be in complete agreement with these messages and was nodding, when I announced these lessons out laud.

past life with angels

Step 6. In conclusion, i will perform 15-minutes energy-therapy session to help the physical body integrate with the changes within soul. It is worth to remember that a healing crysis might take place duing the next 3 to 7 days in order to release all old negative patterns that are no longer needed. If you’re experiencing cases of anger, pain or depression after the session, please contact me asap for harmonizing, FREE, 30-minutes energy-therapy session. DURING THIS MINI-SESSION THE CLEINT HAD FALLEN ASLEEP FOR 20 MINUTES AND WOKE UP LOOKING HAPPY & REFRESHED.

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This session is recommended for light-workers, healing specialists, practitioners and those who has received energy-therapy in the past and is ready to discover his/her Soul needs with help of Angel-therapy. “Soul retrieval” session will bring you healing on the deeper levels of your Inner child and your immortal Spirit, and I will be honored to be your guide in this wonderful journey to your Inner-Self.

It is important to note that “Soul retrieval is not a quick fix. Sandra Ingerman states, “If the person has done a lot of personal work the soul retrieval might be the end of the work. If not the soul retrieval would be the beginning of the work.”

No matter where you may find yourself, at the beginning or near the end of working through an issue, the most important factor in all healing work is you.

You have to be willing to do the work that is necessary to participate in your own healing. You will have to be willing to look at yourself with new eyes, from a new perspective and as an embodiment of completion and wholeness, while knowing that willingness is the impetus for great change which always begins with the heart.” ( )

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