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ANGEL-THERAPY with Aliya 😇

If you believe in Reiki and powerful healing effect of energy-therapy, this offer may be of interest to you! This spring I would like to offer Angel-therapy & Reiki healing sessions (via Skype) available at 50% discounted rate.

This session is recommended for anyone who has received energy-therapy in the past and is ready to journey within the sub-coincions mind guided by an experienced , clairvoyant practitioner.

According to Sandra Ingerman, “The basic premise is whenever we experience trauma, a part of our vital essence separates from us in order to survive the experience by escaping the full impact of the pain.”

During Angel-therapy session we will revisit your childhood, meet the inner child and retrieve the lost aspects of soul, by healing emotional traumas of your inner child.

An example would be : Re-birth healing session, performed with means of Angel-therapy & Reiki (please read about this procedure here: )

This treatment last for 1 hour, and right now the cost is as affordable as $50 CAN. Re-birth healing can be done for both mother and child, as there are no side effects. We can also look into ANY issue , i.e. Relationships, Acne, Chronic diseases, etc.

I started practicing Healing arts back in 2008 to successfully help my child overcome a medical condition , and since then it’s been such a blessing to be assisting mothers & daughters of all ages in their healing journey 💗

Aliya Tnaliyeva
Reiki Master,
Cosmoenergy & Inner child healing specialist , Acupuncture student

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