My gift to You!

Dear Friends!

Happy New Year to You All!

May every day in the new year of 2014 be filled with
happiness, joy and inner peace for You!


To support you in the New Year, I would like to offer 1st Healing session of Energy therapy or Color therapy free of charge.

Everyone wants to be healthy and happy, however, excessive negative emotions and thoughts can have a sugnificant impact on our helth, considering the stressfull time we live in.

A healing specialist can provide a deep cleansing of astral body of emotions, mental body of thoughts, getting rid of accumulated negative energies, and, thus, bringing a person back to balanced state.

About Cosmoenergetics:

The science of CosmoEnergetics is based on methods of creating and implementing streams of cosmic channels, which have existed since the earliest times of human history.

These methods were used by ancient humans that lived thousands of years before ours. They were named Atlantians and Lemurs. In particular, the Atlantians are believed to had attained a higher level of evolution and developed superior powers due to their access to the CosmoEnergetics.

energy rays

About Color Therapy:

Color therapy is a non-invasive therapy, that makes use of the healing energy, contained within the visible rays of colour. Colour can be used to balance energy, aid creativity and learning, release blocks and help alleviate physical, emotional and mental conditions.

Colour therapists encourage people to understand why they need certain colours and show them how to put these colours to beneficial use in order to promote optimum health.


Feedback from one of my client’s: “Aliya really helped me through a challenging time in my life, I had several healing sessions with her and they were blissful as well as powerful.
Aliya is a true healer. Within moments of meeting her, I felt totally safe and able to be open and honest.
During our first session, I was emotionally moved by the wave of love that she was radiating. It opened my heart and gave me courage at the same time. This may be difficult to describe, I actually was able to feel how blockages in my body being removed. Over the years she was treating me for different reasons and every time I felt benefit of her treatment almost instantaneously . I had a wonderful experience with her and plan to return for more healing again.Thank you Aliya!”

With questions or requests for healing session you can reach me at: , Facebook: Ulbossyn Aliya Tnaliyeva.

For more information about my experience and practice, refer to the page About me

With warm regards,

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