Trust this Big World

Author: Aliya Ulbossyn Tnaliyeva
July 2014.

Little Sarah did not want to go to school.

It was going to be her first day and she was worried.

What if my classmates are mean to me? – she would ask her parents.
What if my teacher is too strict? – she would worry.
What if I am not a good student? – she would cry.


Little Sarah, you don’t have to be perfect to feel good about yourself, – her parents would tell her.

So are your classmates, and your teacher will be well aware of that, and she will be patient with you little children.

How do you know that?? – Sarah would ask in misbelieve.

Because we were in your shoes once, – her parents would say, with a smile.

All little children worry when they start a new phase in life. But they all learn how to trust this big world and find their own place in it. And how do you do that? You start by trusting Yourself.

What do you really feel right now, little Sarah? Look deep in your heart. Listen to the voice of your body.

I ..feel…excitement in my chest.., – exclaimed Sarah, feeling surprised with her own discovery.

I feel butterflies in my stomach and my knees are a little shaky.

Those are all Good Feelings, – her parents said. Lets talk to your feelings, lets make friends with them!

Now place your left hand on you stomach and ask your body : what is this feeling trying to tell me?

It is saying that children in school may be unfair to me just like my older sister.. -said Sarah.

Very good. Now Keep listening – what else it is trying to tell you?

I feel so sorry for myself when that happens and i want to stay home with my mommy.

That is understandable. Where is your fear now?

It has shifted down to my lower stomach area and my legs.

Very good feeling-tracking, Sarah. What is it telling you now?

I am feeling very angry and I want to stamp and cryParents hugged Sarah: cry if you need to let it out, little Sarah, we are here for you!

Thank you daddy and mommy, I feel much better now, – Sarah smiled.
I think I will be fine at school tomorrow. My body just told me that I can do it! I feel as I have a rainbow in my chest and wings behind my back! I am a magic unicorn 😀

And Sarah happily run to pack her backpack for first day of school.


Author: Aliya U. Tnaliyeva, Illustrations by: Dasha Kovaleva
© 2014

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